Right now, Alex has the experience to tackle all the down and dirty obstacles that can frazzle lesser mules - like surprise appearances of noisy game birds, downed limbs on the trail, cattle, road riding with semi’s passing, steep or treacherous footing and dicy water crossings.  He handles it all with an alert, matter-of-fact attitude that let’s you know he’s not asleep at the switch, and he’s got your back.  But also, because he’s naturally a thinker, that means he’s also not much of a spooker - he’ll be able to adapt to anything the future throws at him.  Right now, he’s sensible and surefooted enough to look after confident beginners, but also lively enough to please a more performance-oriented experienced rider.


As far as handling, “uncomplicated” is the name of the game.  Alex likes everyone, men and women alike and has a special affinity for teenagers.  He’s easy to catch, enjoys the company of people without being an obnoxious attention-hog.  He’ll stand still while you rub those big ears, and let you touch him anywhere you want without a fuss.  He has great manners all-around, and is a quick and eager to please student.  


In fact, he’s surprisingly good at at, considering how strongly gaited he is.  It’s very easy to find ALL his “gears”... walk, running walk, canter… he flows nicely from one to another without any hitch or awkwardness throughout all his up and down speed transitions.  He’d be a lot of fun for someone who wants to canter/lope, but values safety and comfort over blinding speed.  He’d be an absolute hoot on a big group trail ride… or perhaps at a Mounted Shooting event? Ride him with the poky Quarterhorses. Ride him with the walking .  He’ll take it all in stride and make you look good doing it!