Lightweight Gaited Trail Saddles For Sale

Our dedicated saddle making artisans make every single one of our MMCO brand saddles completely custom, completely by hand, completely to YOUR specifications. Every stitch, every punch, every cut, every carve.  No shortcuts, cookie-cutter machine tooling, no excuses. You’re getting more than a fine lightweight gaited trail saddle.  You’re getting a legacy of comfort, quality and craftsmanship you’ll be proud to ride.  You’re getting your LAST trail saddle.  

MMCO has desgned a way to give everyone what they needed - GREAT FIT for the horse (including the occasional horse or donkey) and COMFORT, SAFETY, and CUSTOM OPTIONS for the people.

In 2015, we realized that being able to source artisan-made, perfectly fitting tack to fit both our mules AND their riders was the next logical step to our mission.  Too often, we were hearing our customers say that everything was perfect between them and their mule… except their saddle.  And that’s actually what goes between them and their mule!  

As important as it is that the underside of the saddle fits the mount, it’s just as important for the upper side -the seat - to fit the human!  We’ve put the same care and attention to detail we used into achieving saddle tree perfection that we have in crafting the best fitting, most comfortable seat we could make.  We call it “The Perfect Pocket,” and it’s not just about carving a divot out of the wooden tree, slapping some memory foam on it and calling it good.  There’s a real art and science to riding a gaited animal, where the angle of the rider’s pelvis changes depending on the speed of the gait.  The saddle “pocket” must work at a couple different levels.  On top of it all, the cantle needs to be high enough to feel as though it offers the desired level of security, but not so high it’s hard to swing a leg over! It takes real know-how to understand an engineering problem like this, and build a real-world solution that makes ALL of your cheeks happy when you ride - and we feel we’ve hit the mark perfectly.   

There are lots of people out there riding Western Saddles with saddle horns that were made for roping - NOT for trail riding.  Our saddle horns are “trail friendly” - and made for grabbing in that split second “oh no!” moment when you feel like you need that extra bit of security.
“I find I’m riding where my hands are down close to the horn all the time,” says Bob Bingham, owner and proprietor of Missouri Mule Co. “It’s just the perfect shape and comes right to hand if I ever need it. Plus I can hang my camera strap off it.”
Padding in seat
A conversation about safety features isn’t complete without a word about the saddle swells.  Swells are the part of the pommel, or front of the saddle, that attach to the horn. Old-timers used to make saddles with huge swells and tall seats called “bear-traps” because they were so hard to fall out of.  Our swells aren’t quite that extreme - but they sure can help keep you from making an unscheduled dismount!  A nice-sized, comfortable swell is one of those sensible little precautions that make a world of difference in creating the perfect blend of comfort and safety.

We have a proprietary tree that fits every mule we’ve tried it on, as well as most horses as well!  This special tree is seated so well on a mount’s back, it reduces saddle roll when riders mount all on its own - some people have accidentally mounted without tightening their girth all the way, and not noticed!  It also spreads the weight of the rider comfortably across the load-bearing portions of the mount’s back, without interfering with the spine.  It even works for short-backed mules and horses, too!


Our saddles are rigged front and back, almost in an old-fashioned “Center-Fire” style… but not quite.  We’re not sure what modern riders would call it, but it sure does the trick!  This type of rigging combined with our unique tree shape means you have a saddle that stays put on your mount, giving it less chance to slide forward or back, AND reducing side-to-side saddle roll to give you more “hang time” when you mount. This is far more comfortable for your mule or horse, and a lot safer for the rider!

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The bottoms of all our saddles come standard with a 100% real wool felt underneath for unparalleled durability.  For the traditionalists, a wool fleece option is available for those who want it, but more and more people are choosing the felt for its easy care, comfort and practicality.

Crooped wool (light woolen color) $105.00


Crooped Wool Wool Flanel

Crooped Wool

Since 1881 the Hermann Oak Leather company has earned the reputation of being the premier leather manufacturer in the United States. Their specialty is vegetable tanning, a type of tanning used to make leather for many uses, including saddle making. Hermann Oak Leather can be found in certain saddles made by such prestigious saddle makers as Missouri Mule Company, Circle Y, Billy Cook, and more.



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Oversized stirrup foe hunting and hiking boots


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